Natural clay - use and properties

Use natural clay for caring for your face and hair - and reduce the amount of jars, pots and bottles.

Different types of clay have varying properties because of their mineral concentrations.

In pure organic clay, there are a lot of beneficial minerals and enzymes for the skin. Clay deep cleans the pores and brightens skin as well as stimulates blood circulation and cell regeneration.

Clay can also be used for baby skin care instead of talc.

Clay mask

Mix clay, water and / or oil to form a mask. You can add some essential oil, plant oil or honey in the mask.

You can also wash and treat the hair and scalp with clay.

Some clay types

White clay or kaolin clay is mild and recommended for normal, sensitive and dry skin. It can lighten pigmentation spots and soften wrinkles.

Green clay is ideal for oily skin and scalp as it absorbs fat and impurities from the skin and the body. Green clay is recommended for oily skin and treatment of acne, but also for various skin problems such as eczema.

Red/Pink clay is recommended for sensitive and flushing skin. Iron oxide has an enhancing effect on capillaries which makes red clay ideal for couperosa skin. Red clay revives tired skin and moisturizes.

Therapeutic properties of clay

Antibacterial: the micro-organisms in clay proliferate rapidly in contact with bacteria and destroy it before it has a chance to react, thus eliminating the infection.

Refreshing: Clay absorbs heat in itself very quickly, including fever, eliminating also pain and discomfort.

Healing / scarring: Healing of wounds and burns, and sometimes without leaving scars.

Soothing, Purifying: Balance of mind and body. Works with most diseases.

Composition of clay and more properties

The clay composition resembles a human body: it contains iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium.

Clay is very absorbent. It absorbs toxic substances from the human body, such as uric acid, mucus, excess heat, radioactivity, drugs, medicines and other synthetic chemicals.

In addition to absorbing toxins, clay provides the human body with nutrients. It also releases energy, which is an important factor in healing.

Clay has an electromagnetic force, which affects in the cellular level and regenerates the body. It is therefore advised to walk barefoot in soil, because it strengthens the nervous system, removes toxins through your feet and creates a magnetic and electric connection to the land and the atmosphere.

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