Phytotherapy: Herbs & oils

Herbal plants produce a huge variety of substances to defend themselves from any external interferences. These healing substances that the plants produce are used for medicinal purposes. Herbs are used for, for example, to make infusions, smoothies, compresses, baths, remedies, salves and extracts.

Phytotherapy is science-based medical use of plants and plant extracts for therapeutic purposes. (fyton = plant)

Aromatherapy means the use of essential oils derived from plants - flowers, leaves, fruits, bark, resin, and roots - for improving psychological, emotional and physical well-being. Essential oils are used in massage, natural cosmetics, perfumes, cleaning, oil burners, for example.

Use of herbs and wild plants

Herbs can be used for seasoning, medicinal or cosmetic purposes. The varied use of herbs, particularly wild plants, had been forgotten for a while, but the situation has been changing for a few years now.

Herbal teas are a convenient and safe way to use herbs for self-care. Herbal teas can also be used externally as poultices, baths and facial toners.

Shelf life

Dried herbs preserve for a few years, when you store them in a dry and cool place. Herbal tea stays good for 2-3 days in the refrigerator. You can also drink it cold.

How to make herbal tea

Pour boiled water (80 degrees would be good) over the herbs in a heat-resistant pot or cup. Let is simmer for 5-20 minutes. Then strain and enjoy.

Dosage: dried herbs ½-1 teaspoonful per cup of water, ½ to 1 tablespoonful of fresh herbs per cup of water. Halve the amount for children or the elderly.

Herbal tea can be drunk one cup at a time throughout the day. Adults and the elderly may consume 1-1½ liters of herbal tea per day. For children half as much is enough. Children under 3 years should have only a few tablespoonfuls.


Due to lack of research and the medicinal qualities of herbs, pregnant women are usually recommended to avoid the use of herbs. Breast-feeding mothers should be aware that herbs can also affect breast milk and through it, the infant.

Do not use one particular herb without interruption for several months. If you've been drinking the same herbal tea regularly and daily, it's better to change the herb after a few weeks.

Do not use if you suspect that you are allergic to a particular herb.

Aromatherapy: Essential oils

Essential oils can be used in a number of different ways, for example, massage, bath, burning in a diffuser, or using in a compress. Please see more detailed information here.

Each plant and essential oils has specific qualities. Please consult them in our shop.

Table of uses and doses of herbs - coming soon