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Acupressure ring

Acupressure ring improves blood circulation and envigorates.

Acupressure ring is used to rub and stimulate acupoints in fingers. It massages the energy channels connected to the nervous system and thus influences different parts of the body. Hands and fingers particularly contain the densest areas of nerve endings in the body. Massage of finger acupoints stimulates blood circulation, envigorates and relaxes.

The ring is made of a flexible material and easy to use even during the work day. Its use can be recommended, for example, to those who suffer from cold hands or joint pains, who work with computers and keyboard, musicians, craftsmen, and masseurs.

Slip the ring on each finger and move it up and down about 50 times per finger per day. You can also use it on your toes.

Material: steel

Price:5.00 €