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Lingonberry powder

100% Finnish handpicked wild lingonberry

A tablespoon is equivalent to almost 1.5 dl of fresh lingonberries. No added sugars.

Lingonberries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) grow in dense, red mats in the Finnish forests. They are widely and traditionally used for their great taste and health benefits.

Lingonberry powder is rich in vitamins E and K, as well as fibre, iron, copper and manganese. Lingonberries' ORAC value, which describes the level of antioxidants, is very high, over 40 000.

For more information on the nutritional values of Nordic berries, please visit this Arctic Flavours page.

Berry powders have a variety of uses. With them, you can easily add flavour and health to any food or beverage. For example, use in porridge, yoghurt, smoothies and other hot and cold drinks as well as baking.

Manufacturer: Natural Nordic

Size: 50 g or 100 g

Price from6.00 €


Product Price
50 g6.00 €
100 g11.00 €

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