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Relaxing shiatsu, aromatherapy and reflexology treatments by a second-year natural therapies student and herbalist Pauliina Silva. Availability mainly in Mäntsälä but also Sysmä, and the Helsinki capital area can be arranged. Please consult us at luontoemo (at) for more information.

Trager therapist Susanna Helin provides Trager treatments in Luontoemo's premises in Sysmä. You can book your session directly with Susanna: susannamaarit.helin (at)


Shiatsu is a holistic manipulative therapy developed in Japan, inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and massage. According to traditional Chinese medicine, energy or "chi" passes along the energy channels called meridians where acupoints are located. When a person is healthy, chi is able to move freely, while blockages can cause ailments and diseases.

The aim of the treatment is to relax the body and mind, improve metabolism and balance the energies.

The treatment takes place on a futon, over long-sleeve cotton shirt and pants. The treatment consists of acupressure and massage over the energy channels, feet, hands and head, as well as stretching.

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In reflexology, it is suggested that each body part is reflected on the feet, hands and ears.

The treatment takes place on a massage table. Specific points on bare feet and ankles are massaged with oil.

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Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy means the use of natural essential oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant in order to enhance psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing.

The aromatherapy massage session consists of a light and lymphatic massage of the body with an essential oil blended in plant massage oil. The essential oil is selected according to the customer's preferences and needs.

The treatment takes place on a massage table. Back, legs, arms, abdomen, neck and face are massaged with an essential oil mixed with a base oil.

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Luontoemo's selection of essential oils is available here.

Trager therapy

Trager therapy is recommended for those with stress, insomnia or muscle tensions, as well as those who suffer from back, neck and shoulder pains. The treatment is suitable for everyone, including children and the elderly.

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